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time Jun 15, 2018

The Importance of Building Skills in Language Learning

An important truth of language learning is that it requires mastery of a skill as much as acquisition of knowledge. In other words, it is not enough for students to know word meanings

time Jun 6, 2018

Different Ways of Learning a New Language

Sometimes we talk about “students” as if they are a more or less homogeneous group and that there should be a set of learning and teaching methods that would work well for all of them

time May 20, 2018

Benefits of Bilingualism in old age

Bilingualism delays onset of Alzheimer’s symptoms A study confirms the dramatic effect of being bilingual, with bilingual speakers being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s more than 4 years

time May 8, 2018

Effect of Working Memory Capacity on new Language Learning

Vocabulary acquisition in children is significantly affected by the child’s ability to repeat back words. This limitation becomes less as the individual gains a large vocabulary, and thus develops a

time May 6, 2018

Translation of the Book “No Man-Made Path” by Stefan Jarnik has Been Completed

“No Man-Made Path” is a beautiful story written in a Christian context. Christian Lingua translated this book from German into English.

time Apr 8, 2018

Learning Pronunciation

Learning to pronounce the language in a clear way is a very important learning goal. Clear pronunciation will help you to be better understood by native speakers, and they will also

time Mar 17, 2018

Translation of the Book “How to Get Along With People You Love” by Marilyn Moravec Has Been Completed

This is a great book for those Christians who are struggling to get along with people around them. We meet people in our lives that are difficult to deal with, and this book has great advice o

time Mar 8, 2018

How can you Learn Multi-word Phrases?

Words typically occur with other words to make up phrases. Most of these phrases have a meaning that is closely related to the meanings of the words that they contain, for example, nex

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