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We are a translation ministry and not a business. Our goal is to partner with you to expand God’s Kingdom by serving you and not selling to you.

Nowadays, our ears and eyes are full of words such as "high-quality," "professional," and "experienced."

Do people really care about the project?
Or are we just another client in the pipeline?

At Christian Lingua, we do not call you another customer. We want to be your ministry partner in the translation work and build a relationship with you. It's important for us to hear your story, understand your vision, and become your right hand for translation in God's Work you're involved in.

We avoid using Google Translate or AI and work with spirit-filled linguists to faithfully convey your message in a way that the speakers of the target language can understand and apply it in life. Our commitment towards our partners is well known amongst those who have decided to work with us.

Is your project a one-page devotional in Spanish?

Is it translating a 69-volume commentary series with over 44,000 pages into 25 languages?

Or perhaps it’s translating and subtitling 25,000 minutes of Christian videos into 16 languages?

We have undertaken all these projects successfully and can surely complete yours. Trust cannot be bought with money, so we work very hard to earn your trust. Please browse the testimonials section to see what other partners say about us.

Christian Lingua is consistently chosen over many Christian/non-Christian translation agencies due to its ability to undertake complex projects, maintain long-term relationships, provide superior accuracy, deliver on time, and complete the projects at highly affordable prices.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Christian Lingua:

1 - Trusted daily by Christian Leaders and organizations like  Rick Warren, Tim Keller, John Piper, RightNow Media, Bible Project, Cru, YouVersion, Fuller Theological Seminary, BLI and many others. 

2 - Over 220+ languages available. 

3 - Over 200 million words translated for 2,000+ Christian partners since 2006. 

4 - Over 500,000 minutes of Christian videos translated, subtitled, and overdubbed. 

5- A full-time staff of 70+ people to manage your projects with a Christian team of 1,300 certified linguists and professional voice talents.

Meet Our Team

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Michael Yurchuk

General Manager

As the General Manager of CL and an official member at Forbes Business Council, Michael directs and oversees 10 departments that, in turn, manage over 1,300 linguists, voice talents, typesetters, editors, and reviewers in 150+ countries in over 220 languages.

He knows four languages fluently and believes in motivating and encouraging his team to complete challenging projects no one else would undertake.

He has 18 years of experience managing various written, audio, and video translation, overdub, and subtitling projects.

Michael has a degree in Software Management from National Kyiv Aviation University. He has also taken numerous courses in Counseling, Psychology, and Business at Harvard Business School. He has a solid knowledge of programming, human relations, workflow setup, and project/team management.

Michael loves reading, chess, travelling, and playing guitar.


Yuriy P

Director Of Operations

Yuriy has a Master’s Degree in Project Management and a PhD in International Law. He oversees the overall operations in Christian Lingua and works with the ministry partners. He likes the gym and technology.


Julia S

Chief Operating Officer

Julia has a Master’s Degree in Translation and Linguistics. She oversees the project operations and tackles difficult problems at work.
Julia tries to live in a way that positively impacts people around her.
Outside of her professional life, Julia finds solace and creativity in painting. It’s a hobby that allows her to express herself and explore new perspectives.

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Kevin F

Chief Technology Officer

Kevin has a Degree in Industrial Engineering.
He handles the technical processes at CL. From setting up complex workflows on the Project Management System to finding intricate solutions to work with different software, servers, and scripts, Kevin has it all covered.


Iryna S

Head of Accounting

Iryna has a Master’s Degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship. Iryna handles the finances and the payments at CL in over 180 countries.
She loves music, sports, and herbal/phytomedicine.


Roman H

Director of Media Department

Roman has a degree in Technical Translation. He oversees the Media Department and handles negotiations with recording studios and voice-over talents. He’s passionate about motorsport, volleyball, and military history.


Galina S

Head of HR Department

Halia has a degree in Geography and Culture. As CL’s HR Generalist, she handles the staff at work.
She believes that people are the company’s central capital, not cogs in the machine. In her spare time, she loves reading.


Khrystyna P

Director of Typesetting Department

Khrystina has a Master’s Degree in Typography and Printing. She handles all the typesetters at Christian Lingua.
She likes photography, design, travelling, nature, and collecting coins.


Dennis M

Director of Project Management Department

Dennis has a Master’s Degree in Process Automation. He manages the project managers and helps them resolve project-related issues. He likes swimming and computer games. He believes that his work brings people to Christ by delivering the message of the gospel in their languages.


Olya B

Director of Training and Qualification

Olya has a Master’s Degree in Economics. She handles the training for CL’s staff.
She loves dancing and sports.
She believes that believing in yourself is the ultimate superpower!

CL Team - European Office

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