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The Purpose-Driven-Church

The Purpose Driven Church by Rick Warren translated into the following 9 languages:
Afrikaans, Arabic, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Kinyarwanda, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese

“The Purpose Driven Church” is a book written by Rick Warren, founder and senior pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, United States.
Purpose Driven Church is a call to build healthy churches through God’s five purposes for his people and the church: Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Ministry, and Evangelism.

Purpose Driven Life

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren edited and tyepset in InDesign in Portuguese, Hindi and Korean

The most basic question everyone faces in life is Why am I here? What is my purpose? Self-help books suggest that people should look within, at their own desires and dreams, but Rick Warren says the starting place must be with God and his eternal purposes for each life. Real meaning and significance comes from understanding and fulfilling God’s purposes for putting us on earth.
The book topped the Wall Street Journal best seller charts as well as Publishers Weekly charts with over 30 million copies sold by 2007.

Christian Beliefs

Christian Beliefs by Wayne Gruden translated into Arabic and Urdu

God doesn’t call every Christian to go off to seminary, but there are certain matters of doctrine—that is, the church’s teaching—that every Christian simply must know. Theology is important, because what we believe affects how we live. If you’re a relatively new believer in Jesus, or if you’re a more mature Christian looking for a quick brush-up on basics of the faith, Christian Beliefs is for you. This readable guide to twenty basic Christian beliefs is a condensation of Wayne Grudem’s award-winning book on systematic theology, prized by pastors and teachers everywhere.

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery by John Baker translated into Tagalog

This leader’s guide contains testimonies, a 90-day strategy, and gives you everything you need to facilitate the life-changing Celebrate Recovery lessons. We’ve done our best to simplify your job. The clear, easy-to-follow format minimizes your preparation time and virtually walks you through each meeting. Besides the ability to follow basic instructions, a willing heart is all you need to successfully conduct this proven, life-changing program.

The Journal of Global Christianity translated into Farsi, French, Russian, Spanish and Chinese

The Journal of Global Christianity seeks to promote international scholarship and discussion on topics related to global Christianity. The journal addresses key issues related to the mission of the Church in hope of helping those who labor for the gospel wrestle with and apply the biblical teaching on various challenging mission topics.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ by Paul Washer translated into Kurdish

Paul Washer founded the HeartCry Missionary Society to support indigenous missionaries witnessing to people of their own culture.[

In this book, Paul Washer escorts readers through a biblical overview of the good news about Jesus. Presenting passage after passage from the Bible, Washer describes the holy character of God, the human problem of sin, and the divine solution found in Jesus’s redemptive life, death, and resurrection for all who repent and believe. If you are interested in knowing the basic claims of the gospel or know someone exploring the truths of Christ, this succinct treatment of the greatest news the world has ever heard is just what you need.

Beyond Suffering – A Christian view on disability ministry by Joni Eareckson Tada and Steve Bundy translated into Spanish

Effective disability ministry focuses not only on people with disabilities, but also gives its attention to care providers, who attend daily to the needs of such people. This course is a useful resource for church leaders who want to study the subject of disability with the goal of training other church members to care for people with special needs and their families.

Start with Hello

Start with Hello – Introducing your Church to Special needs ministry by Kate Brueck translated into Nepali

God cares for people with disabilities and he wants his church to care for them too. Yet, many people in churches do not know how to even begin expressing their genuine interest and how to reach out to people with special needs. Start with hello, says Kate Brueck, it opens a door of opportunity wider, letting people with special needs to enter our churches and feel welcomed and belonged. She suggests a simple five-step plan that can help to introduce your church to special needs ministry. Expanding church ministry focus to people with disabilities will bring God’s blessings not only on them but also upon the whole church.

The Source of Life

The Source of Life by William G Bradshaw translated into Spanish

Extraordinary personality of Jesus is a subject of countless books and a theme of countless songs. Yet, He has been an obstacle for many. What shall contemporary readers make of His claims and life today? Best way to approach it is by studying His life and His teaching firsthand, in order to make our own conclusions about Him. John wrote his Gospel with purpose of leading his first readers to faith in Jesus.  Faith originates when we encounter the person of Jesus and His words. Contemporary readers by studying the Gospel of John will benefit in a similar way as his first readers did. This bible study course written by William G. Bradshaw takes readers to an exciting adventure of learning about Jesus, the Source of Life.

Sabbath: A Gift of Time

Sabbath: A Gift of Time by Bonnie Saul Wilks translated into Hungarian and Spanish

The same amount of time is available to everyone. While everyone is busy and sometimes feel lack of time, some people are able to recharge their souls and return to a workweek refreshed. What is their secret? In her book, Sabbath: A Gift of Time, Bonnie Saul Wilks, reveals this secret. The time itself is God’s gift to humankind. In addition, His special day of rest, Sabbath, is given to His people to be a blessing for all. Celebrating this day of rest, God’s people celebrate God’s faithfulness, express their trust in His providence and witness to other people about God’s generosity.

The Promise Principle: A New Way to Encounter the Bible

The Promise Principle: A New Way to Encounter the Bible by Phillip Hunter translated into Hindi, Portuguese, and Chinese

This book presents simple, but profoundly effective technique that helps believers overcome worries and fears, false ideas, overwhelming circumstances and achieve dynamic God-saturated life based on eternal principles of God’s Word. Author directs his readers’ attention to the Bible and teach them how to discover the truth of God promises for themselves. He asserts that Christians can trust every commandment and every truth written in the Bible.

The Beauty of Spiritual Language

The Beauty of Spiritual Language by Jack W Hayford translated into Hindi, Portuguese, and Chinese

All pastors preach. Few of them write. Even smaller percentage of those who write books can address the controversial subject of spiritual gifts with such clarity, balance and depth as Pastor Jack Hayford. He brings his excellent preaching skills to writing and he does so with humility and care for his readers. His pastoral heart for his readers is clearly sensed on the pages of the book. Examples from personal life paired with deep and balanced biblical study of spiritual gifts, seasoned with historical data and insights make this volume a must-read resource for any follower of Christ who wants to live according to the full teaching of the Bible and experience the fullness of blessings prepared by loving God for his children.

Foundation of Healthy Church Government

Foundation of Healthy Church Government by Tom Lane translated into Hindi, Portuguese, and Chinese

Church of any size needs a church government. Type of leadership model adapted by a church from the beginning determines how the church grows, how it goes through trials and what impact the church makes on local community. Church benefits when its government model is biblical, relational and healthy. Pastor Tom Lane’s writing springs out from over four decades of pastoral leadership experience. Pastors and leaders who want to assess their leadership team and church governance and improve how your church performs will benefit from this book. Author’s practical wisdom will be also helpful to churches that go through leadership crisis.

Ten Steps Towards Christ

Ten Steps Towards Christ by Jimmy Evans translated into Hindi, Portuguese, and Chinese

For new Christian as well as for mature believer walking toward Christ is the ultimate task for any day of the week. Not walking away from Him, but walking toward Him in order to see Him face to face. As child and parent, as bride and groom, as friend and friend, as believer and Lord. Yes, but how? Ten Steps Toward Christ explains it in simple and practical ways. Each chapter of the book talks about one aspect of Christian life, which can be called steps. Conversion, water baptism and communion, key role of the Holy Spirit, fellowship with other believers, Bible reading and prayer, learning God’s will, stewardship of God’s owned resources, dealing with our past, renewing our mind.

ID Identity Reveals Destiny

ID Identity Reveals Destiny by Allan Kelsey and Brad Stahl translated into Hindi, Portuguese, Chinese and Spanish

This is the book for every believer who is serious about understanding God’s mission for his or her life. However, do not expect to get it by simply reading this book. This is a workbook, not a light reading on the plane. Be ready to study it and occupy yourself with thoughts and exercises contained on its pages. In fact, you will have plenty of self-reflective exercises. If you never took study seriously, this is a good time to change your mind, because studying this book is totally worth the time and effort. So grab a pen, highlighter and a notepad and enter into a defining period of your life when you can find God’s mission for your life. This book will help you understand who you are now, what role your past plays in who you are today.

I Changed My Mind – Jimmy Evans

I Changed My Mind by Jimmy Evans translated into Hindi, Portuguese, Chinese and Spanish

Christian life begins with repentance, which in Christian tradition means changing of one’s mind. A similar process – embracing new identity in Christ, embracing his teaching and putting off old ways of thinking, marks steps that follow conversion. Pastor Jimmy Evans leads his readers along the path of sanctification in area of thinking. He focuses on five major areas of mental activity related to attitude, success and failure, worry and anxiety, insecurity, and last but not least fear. He addresses each area with exposing wrong mindsets, which new Christian may be still holding, and he provides practical teaching based on God’s Word on how to put it off and put on new Biblically based thinking in each area.

The Blessed Life Robert Morris

The Blessed Life by Robert Morris translated into Chinese and Hindi

Blessed life is available to God’s children in any culture and generation. However, God, not modern culture of selfish ambitions, greed and consumerism, defines such life. To follow modern definitions of a blessed life would be walking a misleading path. Instead, in order to live such blessed life followers of Christ must learn its principles from the Bible and faithfully practice them on a daily basis. Robert Morris encountered God’s teaching on financial stewardship and obeyed it in his daily walk soon after coming to faith in Jesus.

E3 Leader Training

E3 Leader Training by Eric Ball translated from English into Spanish

Desiring others come to know Jesus is honorable and scriptural. However, salvation isn’t the finish line but rather it is the starting line for a lifetime of Christ-like growth.
Identifying these basic Biblical principles that enable us to grow and mature in Christ is the focus of E3.
E3 remains convinced that we have a mandate from God. Every person must have the opportunity to hear and respond to God’s solution to the sin problem in their lives (Matthew 28:19,20). Therefore, we have committed our lives to spreading God’s precious message.

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All that the Prophets have spoken by John R. Cross translated into Persian

All that the Prophets have Spoken takes a look at the Bible without referral to Islam or the Quran. With an awareness of what Muslims believe about key prophets, the book examines what the Scriptures say about these men and connects them with the core message of the Bible. Keeping in mind the Islamic perspective, it builds on this understanding and addresses questions Muslims might have so by the end, they will have a clear understanding of the God of the Bible.
The author John R. Cross writes from knowledge gained in a life-long study of the Holy Scripture. He has extensive experience traveling and living abroad.

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W.E.A.P.O.N.S A Biblical Arsenal of Truths for Men by Scott Caesar translated into Spanish

This Scripture-drenched course is founded on 20 years of ministry to men by Men’s Pastor, Scott Caesar and has a proven blueprint to revive a man’s soul, growing and maturing in Biblical manhood. The comprehensive, step-by-step videos are designed to assist the teacher and his core leaders to minister more effectively to their men through a system of challenging but practical training to equip, engage and teach men. The format consists of masculine-themed teaching, combined with man-life parables, interactive workshops with discussion/application times. It provides a sustainable system of accountable brotherhood that is built to last and a supported game plan of consistent Bible engagement for men.

School of Worship Course Level 1 by Tom Inglis translated into Spanish

The Psalmody School of Worship Course Level One (digital download) is a 13-week foundational biblical and revelatory study designed to equip individuals to develop a culture of worship. You will learn how your worship can change your circumstances, is a catalyst for healing, giving, revival, evangelism and much more.

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I will be Father to You by pastor Mike Harding translated into Urdu and Arabic

God wants you to know and experience for yourself that His heart for you is the heart of a Father. And God will not be an impersonal Father, but He is a good Father who loves you deeply and wants to have a close and personal relationship with you.
What is your image of God? What is the image of God that most people have of Him? What is the image of God that even most Christian believers have?

This book tries to answer these questions.

Why Study The Old Testament from Kingdom Covenant & Canon of the Old Testament series by Third Millennium Ministries translated into Farsi

This lesson is the first in a series of lessons that will survey the entire Old Testament. We have entitled this series, Kingdom, Covenants and Canon of the Old Testament. As this series title suggests, in these lessons we will focus on three crucial dimensions of the Old Testament. We will see that the Old Testament is a book unified around the central theme of God’s kingdom, that this kingdom was administered historically through covenants God made with his people and that through the Old Testament canon these covenants were applied to the specific needs of God’s people at particular times and places.

the kingdom of god

The Kingdom of God from Kingdom Covenant & Canon of the Old Testament series by Third Millennium Ministries translated into Urdu

This is the second lesson in our Old Testament survey entitled, Kingdom,
Covenants and Canon of the Old Testament. As we will see in this series, the Old Testament is a book about the kingdom of God, which is administered by divine covenants, which in turn are explained and applied to specific situations through the books of the Old Testament canon. This lesson is entitled “The Kingdom of God,” and in this lesson we will see that a proper understanding of the Bible’s theology of the kingdom or reign of God provides one of the most comprehensive and unifying outlooks we can
have on the Old Testament.

The Key to Deep Change by Dr. Steve Smith translated into Spanish

The average church-goer is unfamiliar with the term spiritual transformation because for most of their Christian experience, they have been asked to work on obedience and performance. For the past 15 plus years, Dr. Smith has invested his life in teaching the freeing concepts shared in this book to all in his sphere of influence. This book answers a fundamental question everyone must wrestle with: “Do you want to get well?”
In frank, non-technical language, Smith outlines and demonstrates a process for personal transformation—“getting rid of the junk in your life and finding healing for your painful wounds.” Beyond attempting to fix symptoms, The Key to Deep Change: Experiencing Spiritual Transformation by Facing Unfinished Business uncovers root causes and shows how deep change really happens. Herein you’ll find wisdom beyond what many professional therapists have to offer.

The Way of Discipleship by Ron Stohler translated into Portuguese and French

The Way of Discipleship is a time-bound, intentional relationship focused on learning and embracing 11 essential practices to following Jesus Christ. The Way of Discipleship engages one person (a discipler) who invites another person (a disciple) to follow them as they follow Christ. The Way of Discipleship shapes our character (who we are) and our calling (what we do). Like a tree, the Way of Discipleship roots us in Christ, provides stability to weather the storms of life and branches out to bear fruit in our lives. This resource is a tool to facilitate this relationship over a period of one-to-three years to integrate these practices into one’s life and prepare the disciple to replicate it into another relationship. It will be costly, but the cause is worth it more than anything else the world has to offer.

Your People Shall Be My People by Don Finto translated into Farsi

“Your people shall be my people, and your God, my God” (Ruth 1:16). Like Ruth in the Old Testament, every Gentile believer has come out of the land of famine and into the spiritual realm of abundance in the name of Jesus.
Once again, Israel and her people are center stage at a crucial moment in world history, and this book shows why the Church must effect reconciliation and why our prayers are vital in this hour.
DON FINTO served as pastor of Belmont Church in Nashville for more than 25 years. He continues to serve as a pastor to pastors, and he has become actively involved with the resurrected community of Jewish believers in Jesus, both in the United States and in Israel.

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Perspective: Clarity on What God Thinks about Money by Robb Thompson translated into Spanish

Perspective determines so much in life. The subject of prosperity has been a controversial message over the years, but also a very misunderstood message. Dr. Thompson takes a closer look at what God s Word really has to say about prosperity. How does God define it? Is it wrong? Who can have it? Is it wrong to desire it? Those and many more questions are answered in this dynamic book. In this revealing new book, Dr. Robb Thompson brings many truths to light, including 24 indispensable keys to living a debt-free life and: – How success begins with an accurate perspective of God. – Why the world’s system of borrowing and lending will never produce financial freedom.

Value and Courage by Eduardo Villegas translated into Spanish

Regardless of your circumstances, God has big plans for you today. He put dreams in your soul that, although buried, breathe; and He put ideas in your heart that, although they seem unattainable, are possible, with His guidance. He hasn’t abandoned you or any of your dreams. He doesn’t deny you or your complete manifestation of His glory. Your dreams, if they come from God, are real, possible. He thought of them and He entrusted them to you, which is why David said The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me…
We must not ignore God’s dreams, because they are His will, meaning they can and must be achieved. Excuses, on the other hand, don’t exist, rather they are illusions. We can construct them with many justifications, so they seem real, but sooner or later they will bring sadness, Excuses mustn’t replace your dreams; your mission must not be cut short. In this book you will discover how great your Value is to God according to His Word, and later you will develop Courage to dare to do His will, guided by Him.

Truth for Today Genesis 1-22 Commentary translated into the following languages: Hindi, French, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, and Kannada

In this detailed look at God’s book of beginnings, Dr. William W. Grasham delves into the creation account, the selection of Abraham and his descendants as God’s chosen people, and the introduction of God’s plan to save the people He created. The story of mankind is actually the story of God: His power, His righteousness, His promises, and His faithfulness. (622 pages)

Truth for Today Romans 1-7 Commentary translated into the following languages: German, Bengali, Japanese, Malayalam, Marathi, and Vietnamese

Part 1 of David Roper’s doctrinal study on Romans provides an in-depth look at Paul’s inspired teachings in Romans 1—7. The text explains that salvation comes by grace, not by personal merit or by law-keeping. Paul’s epistle declares that all are sinners but presents Christ as the remedy for sin and its consequences. The text shows how one who submits to Christ’s transforming gospel can overwhelmingly conquer temptation, sin, and even death. The good news of Romans is that God is ever working in the lives of those who follow the Spirit instead of the flesh. (470 pages)

Truth for Today Leviticus Commentary translated into Telugu

In the Book of Leviticus, God established the priesthood and ordained the various sacrifices to be offered at the tabernacle. While Christians are not under the Law, we are called to be God’s holy people today. The sacrificial system of the old covenant foreshadowed the giving of God’s perfect Lamb, His Son Jesus Christ. In response to His sacrifice in our behalf, we are to live in faithful obedience to His new covenant. (588 pages)

Truth for Today Commentary Acts 1-14 translated into Nepalese, Urdu, German, Bengali and Urdu

A complete exegesis and application of the Old and New Testament Scriptures by faithful scholars of the churches of Christ. Each volume in this historic work provides remarks on the verses of the text covered, and chapters end with application sections which offer suggestions for developing sermons and Bible classes.

This book is currently being used by many preachers and teachers of the Word as they delve into the beginning of the Lord’s church. (558 pages)

The Story of Hope

The Story of Hope by GoodSoil Ministries translated into Burmese

The Bible is the most amazing book ever writ-ten. Imagine this: The 66 books of the Bible were written over a period of more than 1,500 years by approximately 40 different authors who represent a wide range of historical eras, geographical settings, political and cultural perspectives, levels of literacy, occupations, family backgrounds, and human personalities. Various parts of the Bible were written in three different languages on three continents.
This remarkable book contains more than 500 stories involving nearly 3,000 characters. Yet beautifully interwoven from cover to cover through all of the Bible’s various stories is one Big Story. It’s a story that has an attention-grabbing opening, a clear and intriguing plot, a strong and interesting central character, many diverse and colorful supporting characters, numerous mysteries that are unveiled along the way, and a dramatically climactic ending.