Christian Book Translation

Christian Book Translation

Over the past few years, Christian Lingua has specialized in translating different kinds of Christian books. We have assisted many authors with the translation of their projects into different languages. Your Christian book is the result of Holy Spirit’s guidance and your hard work. With Christian Lingua’s book translation services, you can translate your Christian book into 139 languages, ensuring it reaches the people groups around the world. Our Christian translators are skilled in retaining the nuances of your work and your writing style so readers can experience your writing as intended. We can handle heavy theological books as well as easy children Bible stories.

When your book undergoes Christian translation, it becomes available to readers of different cultures. As part of our services, Christian Lingua is mindful of the cultural adaptations necessary for successful Christian translation. We use Christian native linguists to achieve the best results.

A Christian author’s style is often his or her trademark. When it comes to Christian book translation, some authors fear their style will be sacrificed to deliver a readable copy of their work to foreign language speakers. At Christian Lingua, our primary goal is to convey author’s God-given message as clear and understandable as possible.

From small translation projects to large-scale endeavors, we’ll assign a project manager who will coordinate between your organization and our team of professionals.

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