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Case Study

Can you trust CL with the translation of your website? 

Generosity Path Ministries (GP) contacted Christian Lingua a few months ago, asking to translate their website into multiple languages.

As GP held Christian seminars around the world in 50+ countries, a localized website in the native languages of the attendees made a huge difference.

CL got to work and formed a team of translators and editors. CL also appointed their Web Admin to handle downloading the HTML files, preparing them for translation, and uploading them back to the website. Finally, CL’s native editors checked that all the text in the target languages looked great. The Web Admin applied minor corrections related to formatting. 

In the case of Right Now Media Ministry, CL used their CMS to translate inside the system. 

Regardless of the difficulty of the website translation, you can trust CL to take on your project and successfully complete it in a timely manner.

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