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Case Study

In 2012, Truth for Today World’s Mission School (TFTWMS) contacted Christian Lingua about translating 69 commentaries into 25 languages

Each commentary had about 650 pages and included charts, maps, and Greek and Hebrew words. Through their online and offline school, TFTWMS wanted to reach out to 50,000+ students who studied worldwide. Apart from the scope of this work, what made this project challenging was the translation speed TFTWMS had in mind. 

Every two months, they expected one final commentary in the target languages. Every 60 days, CL had to translate, edit, theologically proofread, and typeset 650 pages in 25 languages and deliver publish-ready materials.

CL formed a team of 330+ translators, editors, theological proofreaders, typesetters, and project managers.

It’s been many years since we started the project, and CL has already completed 85% of it as TFTWMS continues developing more commentaries and courses. Thousands upon thousands of students have graduated in 25 languages

CL continues translating learning materials for Bible League Internationals, Shepard Global Classroom, Cru, Fuller Theological Seminaries and many other organizations. 

You can also trust us to translate your courses and learning materials.

13 Theological Courses

Training Leaders International

Translating 13 theological courses for Training Leaders International into 14 languages. Training Leaders International has developed a flexible, efficient, and reproducible curriculum designed for pastors and church leaders around the world who have limited or no theological training.

The Preacher’s Outline & Sermon Bible: Old Testament (King James Version)

Leadership Ministries Worldwide

The Preacher’s Outline & Sermon Bible® is written for God’s servants to use in their study, teaching, and preaching of God’s Holy Word

Knowing Jesus

Jesus Film (CRU)

The Jesus Film brings the story of Jesus to life. As we desire that everyone, everywhere would know someone who truly follows Jesus, we believe the film is a dynamic opportunity to encounter Jesus. Encountering Jesus is the first step to following Him. Dubbed into over 2020 languages, it is the most translated film in history. In 2004, the film had been viewed more than 6.2 billion times, which makes it the most watched film in history.

Leadership 1: Loving God & People (Faith & Action Series)

Faith and Action Ministries

This course goes beyond presenting content, to structuring every lesson for students to practice and develop the qualities, attitudes, and skills spiritual leaders must have.

From Chaos to Clarity

Mike Signorelli Ministries

The author shares a glimpse into his own journey with Christ, meanwhile the readers learn: The different ways they can go From Chaos to Clarity in their walk with Christ How to be truly committed to Christ How God can use their brokenness for His purposes Ten common enemies and how to face them The key to overcoming shame and your battles with sin Who you were yesterday—who you were a moment ago—does not need to dictate

Truth For Today Genesis 1-22 Commentary

Truth for Today World Mission School

In this detailed look at God’s book of beginnings, Dr. William W. Grasham delves into the creation account, the selection of Abraham and his descendants as God’s chosen people, and the introduction of God’s plan to save the people He created. The story of mankind is actually the story of God: His power, His righteousness, His promises, and His faithfulness. (622 pages)

New Testament Certificate Course

Fuller Theological Seminary

The World of the New Testament certificate program seeks to answer the question: What are the basic tools to interpret and translate the New Testament? Throughout this certificate program, you will learn to describe the first-century culture…

Discovery Series

Bible League International

The Discovery Series is a guiding light for young minds exploring biblical stories and principles. Tailored for ages 4 to 9, the Discovery BASIC booklets weave captivating tales of faith through international child characters, accompanied by colorful …

Introduction to Christian Worship

Shepherds Global

This course explains how worship impacts all aspects of the believer’s life and gives principles that should guide individual and congregational practices of worship.

Blast Off

Stuff You Can Use

If you’re a grown-up and you’ve been following Jesus for a while, you’ve probably figured out a few ways to grow spiritually. The kids in your ministry, on the other hand, aren’t grown-ups, so they might need a little help from you to figure out how, exactly…

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