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Case Study

Right Now Media Ministries (RNM) approached Christian Lingua back in 2018. They wanted to translate, subtitle, and overdub 25,000 minutes of videos and 15,000 pages of guides into 16 languages. RNM has tried different AI and Machine Translation services, but the quality has proved to be too poor. They sought to produce a lasting product that would benefit the body of Christ. 

What made this project challenging was the number of unique voices needed to overdub the materials. There were over 250 speakers in all the videos. 

CL had to translate, subtitle, and then lip-sync overdub the videos. So, they got to work and formed a team of over 300 people in 20 studios worldwide. CL only works with high-end studios and reputable voice talents to record and sync the audio. Also, they have a sound engineer on staff who masters the voice to make sure that it meets the highest quality. 

Over the past few years, CL has successfully worked on the project daily. RNM keeps adding more videos, so CL has been able to continue the translation, subtitling, and overdubbing work..

Translated and overdubbed a teaching series for T-Factor Ministries into Korean

Translated and overdubbed many teaching videos into Portuguese for Francis Chan

Translated and overdubbed sermons series into Chinese for Jeannie Allen

Translated many short video promos for Wild at Heart Ministries into Spanish

Translated and overdubbed sermons for Michael Gunnin into Arabic

Translated and overdubbed sermons for Tim Keller into French

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