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Christian Learning Materials Translation

Because education is power and e-learning is a fast, efficient and cost-effective way to deliver training, more and more ministries are embracing this methodology to educate Bible students, pastors, leaders and many others.

One of the main advantages of this methodology is that it can work well regardless of the location of the students and trainers. At Christian Lingua, we help international ministries educate their leaders overseas by teaching them biblical courses.

Christian training is also an essential ingredient to instill fundamental and important biblical truth in ministries and churches.  Christian Lingua has been, since its inception in 2006, working with many diverse ministries and churches, specializing in Christian training material translation into 139 languages.

Attention to detail is crucial when translating Christian training source text such as in the case of sensitive Biblical teachings, whereby with a couple of mistranslated sentences could lead to someone misinterpreting scripture. At Christian Lingua, we maintain extremely high standards to ensure that all quality checks are undertaken and managed correctly and effectively. We enjoy working closely and communicatively with our clients to ensure that our translators produce the quality and tone of voice, which is reflected in the originating language.

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