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  • The Purpose Driven Life

    The Purpose Driven Life

    This podcast will help you understand why you are alive and God’s amazing plan for you – both the here and now, and for eternity. Rick Warren will guide you through a personal 40 day spiritual journey that will transform your answers to life’s…

  • The Purpose Driven Church

    The Purpose Driven Church

    “The Purpose Driven Church” is a book written by Rick Warren, founder and senior pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, United States. Purpose Driven Church is a call to build healthy churches through God’s five purposes for his people and the church: Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Ministry, and Evangelism.

  • Christian Beliefs

    Christian Beliefs

    God doesn’t call every Christian to go off to seminary, but there are certain matters of doctrine—that is, the church’s teaching—that every Christian simply must know. Theology is important, because what we believe affects how we live. If you’re a relatively new believer in Jesus, or if you’re a more mature Christian looking for a…

  • The Blessed Life

    The Blessed Life

    The blessed life is available to God’s children in any culture and generation. However, God – not the modern culture of selfish ambitions, greed and consumerism – defines such life. To follow modern definitions of a blessed life would be to walk a misleading path. Instead, in order to live such a blessed life, followers…

  • Your People Shall Be My People

    Your People Shall Be My People

    “Your people shall be my people, and your God, my God” (Ruth 1:16). Like Ruth in the Old Testament, every Gentile believer has come out of the land of famine and into the spiritual realm of abundance in the name of Jesus. But unlike Ruth, we have turned our backs on the Jewish people, the…

  • Truth For Today Romans 1-7 Commentary

    Truth For Today Romans 1-7 Commentary

    Part 1 of David Roper’s doctrinal study on Romans provides an in-depth look at Paul’s inspired teachings in Romans 1-7. The text explains that salvation comes by grace, not by personal merit or by law-keeping. Paul’s epistle declares that all are sinners but presents Christ as the remedy for sin and its consequences. The text…

  • Truth For Today Leviticus Commentary

    Truth For Today Leviticus Commentary

    In the Book of Leviticus, God established the priesthood and ordained the various sacrifices to be offered at the tabernacle. While Christians are not under the Law, we are called to be God’s holy people today. The sacrificial system of the Old Covenant foreshadowed the giving of God’s perfect Lamb, His Son Jesus Christ. In…

  • Truth For Today Commentary Acts 1-14

    Truth For Today Commentary Acts 1-14

    A complete exegesis and application of the Old and New Testament Scriptures by faithful scholars of the churches of Christ. Each volume in this historic work provides remarks on the verses of the text covered, and chapters end with application sections which offer suggestions for developing sermons and Bible classes. This book is currently being…

  • The Story Of Hope

    The Story Of Hope

    The Bible is the most amazing book ever written. Imagine this: The 66 books of the Bible were written over a period of more than 1,500 years by approximately 40 different authors who represent a wide range of historical eras, geographical settings, political and cultural perspectives, levels of literacy, occupations, family backgrounds, and human personalities.…

  • W.E.A.P.O.N.S A Biblical Arsenal Of Truth For Men

    W.E.A.P.O.N.S A Biblical Arsenal Of Truth For Men

    This Scripture-drenched course is founded on 20 years of ministry to men by Men’s Pastor Scott Caesar and has a proven blueprint to revive a man’s soul, growing and maturing in biblical manhood. The comprehensive, step-by-step videos are designed to assist the teacher and his core leaders to minister more effectively to their men through…