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"Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men."

Col 3:23
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"Christian Lingua has done a great job translating and editing my book “Value and Courage” from Spanish into English. And I’m sure many writers that are aware of the complexity of translating / editing books with a lot of Bible verses and explanations of them, will appreciate the good work of Michael and his team."

Eduardo Villegas

Christian Author

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Recent Projects

The Book "The Purpose Driven Church" by Rick Warren Has Been Translated from English into Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Afrikaans, Arabic, Korean and Kinyarwandan

Christian Lingua has translated Pastor Rick's book into 8 languages. CL has also created InDesign layouts for these translations.


The Book "Your People Shall Be My People" by Don Finto Has Been Translated from English into Farsi

This book talks about God's plan for Israel. Beginning from the Old Testament and moving to the New Testament, the book takes you on a journey to know God's heart for Israel.


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Recent Translation Projects


Translation of the Book "Evangelism: How to Mobilize Your Church" by Randy Hillebrand Has Been Completed

The purpose of this book is to assist church leaders in the preparation and mobilization of their congregations to do evangelism. Therefore this work presents the foundational factors which must be in place in a church so that evangelism is an ongoing reality. We translated this book from English into Russian.

Translation of the Book "Developing Spiritual Understanding" by Eduardo Villegas Has Been Completed.

This is an excellent book that has many daily encouragements in it. It's a must-read book for those who are struggling with daily Christian living.

We translated this book from English into Indonesian.

Translation of a Gospel Tract "Warning from God" by Gabriel Hyung Has Been Completed

As its name implies, this gospel tracts warns unbelievers about the end times and the second coming of Jesus Christ, and guide them to repentance.

Christian Lingua translated this gospel tract from English into Chinese and Korean.

Translation of the Booklet "Why I became a Christian" by Sultan Muhammad Paul Has Been Completed

The booklet is about the testimony of a former Muslim, and his journey to knowing Christ as his Lord and Savior.

Christian Lingua translated this book from English into Persian.

Translation of a "Christian Newsletter" by Naji Foundation Has Been Completed

Naji Foundation ministers to children. They have a monthly newsletter that is available online at www.najicherfanfoundation.org.

Christian Lingua has been working with them and has translated their newsletter from English into Indonesian.