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"Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men."

Col 3:23

Human Capacity to Learn Language

The human capacity for complex language is an inherent ability with sizeable cultural results. Anthropological and historical evidence of human communication in prehistory will be presented in an effort to better understand the instinct for language. Moreover, the characteristics that separate language from other types of communication will be assessed, and the physical and cognitive capabilities for human language will be examined.

These facets within the discussion regarding language will arrive at the conclusion that, in humans, language is a remarkable, innate facility. This innate facility, however, produces derivatives such as the products of writing and reading, as well as dialects, which can be considered cultural archetypes. These are constructs that can be interpreted socially and carry cultural, and sometimes negative, consequences.

Writing and reading, together with dialects, will be reviewed to determine how they have been interpreted in the past and today. Finally, this piece will conclude that it is arguably through language and speech that other aspects of culture developed; language made possible the presentation of more abstract ideas, which led to cultural depth and differences.

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