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"Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men."

Col 3:23

Dialects: Speaking the Same Language?

Dialects are also one of language’s cultural archetypes. Dialect, in definition, is variation in pronunciation, along with specific features of grammar and vocabulary, which may suggest where the speaker is from, regionally and/or socially (Yule, 227). Differences in language lead to differences in ethnic identification with far-­‐reaching effects (Pinker, 242).

Trey Wilson, narrator of American Tongues says of dialects: “It’s how we size each other up” (American Tongues, 1988). Accents and speech are very essential to identity. The dialect that a certain group applies holds real meaning for that group. And, it holds meaning for other speakers of the same language who note the dialect but do not sound the same way— speech creates multifarious assumptions for listeners. These assumptions can have tangible repercussions.

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