Top 5 hardest languages

Top 5 Hardest Languages to Learn

There are over 6,500 languages known to exist as of 2020 in the world. Some languages are much more common than others. Some feel that English is one of the hardest languages to learn because of all the cliques that are commonly used, an odd grammatical structure, and multiple meanings for the same word, yet English is quite common the language of business. The truth is, English is not even in the top five when it comes to difficult languages to learn. Many countries consider being bilingual the norm, though this is not necessarily true…
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Bible Translations

Into how Many Languages the Bible has not Been Translated?

The Bible is the most translated book in the world. This is not only impressive but proves the longevity of God’s Word. The Scripture is continually translated not only to continue the spread of the Gospel but because it is the Living Word that is still applicable today, just as it was in when penned through the inspiration of God. The Bible has been translated into numerous languages from the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek versions. As of late 2019, 698 full translations have occurred. In addition, the New Testament has been translated into additional…
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CAT Tool

CAT Tools Explained

Translation of every kind and into many languages is a growing area of business. There are numerous ways to provide translation depending on exactly what is needed. While human translation is best for larger selections of material, a simple phrase or short paragraph may be fine when translated using a CAT Tool, otherwise known as a Computer Assisted Translation Tool/Software. CAT tools have altered the way in which translators work significantly, as well as the way projects are managed. CAT tools allow translators to split multilingual documents into sections that are then stored in a…
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Different Type of Translations

Different Types of Translation Explained

When most people think of translation or translation services, they focus only on the idea that words are translated from one language to another. While this is technically true, there are many different types of translation that need to be considered, especially when you have a project that requires such services. There are eight main types of translation which will be discussed below. Word for Word The word for word translation is just as it sounds. This allows for words, phrases, and entire books to be preserved in the target language with the most common…
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How long does it take to learn Spanish

How Long Does it Take to Learn Spanish?

Spanish is one of the most commonly spoken languages throughout the world. Many people are already bilingual, most often with English and Spanish. However, many want to learn Spanish simply because it is so common. Some want to learn it for business purposes, some for outreach, and some simply to converse with friends. There are many different programs that can be used to learn Spanish and in-person classes that can be enjoyed, but most will tell you that you can learn the language in a few days or a month or in 30 hours. These…
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Can Machine Translation Ever Replace a Translator?

Machine Translation vs Human Translation

Translation services are a vastly growing business in today’s global climate. While technology has made it possible to connect with someone around the world in moments, it has increased the need for proper translation of documents, websites, books, and much more. While translation services are often available in different formats, you must be careful which is chosen because human translation is the only one that is one in such a way that not just the words, but the meaning behind the words is properly translated. There are three main types of translation. These are complete…
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learning Spanish

How hard is it to Learn Spanish?

Considering learning a second language is a thought that many of us have had in our lifetimes. Whether we want to remember the years of high school language requirements, are considering traveling to a new country, or simply want to converse in a new language, learning a new language can be fun. For many the language they choose is Spanish. This is a common language and one of the easiest languages to learn for some people. If you are considering learning Spanish as a second language, then the tips and tricks below will be helpful,…
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Self Publish

Self-Publish Your Book

Writing a book is a huge accomplishment. It is likely that you have spent hours, days, months, and sometimes years pining over the right words, chapters, and information. Whether your book is fact or fiction, you have probably spent time writing, rewriting, and changing the small details that have played out in your mind again and again. Once you are finished, you have to decide what to do with all your hard work. You can choose to search for a publisher which will take time. Finding a publisher, especially for a first book, can be…
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Language Teacher

What’s the Role of the Language Teacher?

Many people are accustomed to a model of language teaching that is heavily teacher-centered. To our minds (influenced no doubt by many years in China), this teacher-centered approach calls up images of the great sage Confucius sitting amidst his disciples, explaining the Way and occasionally asking questions to check his disciples’ comprehension; hence, we will refer to this approach as the sage model of teaching. The sage owes his exalted position to the fact that he knows more than his students do, and his primary task is to transfer his knowledge to his students. Once…
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bible into many languages

Into how Many Languages has the Bible Been Translated?

One of the most common questions asked by both Christians and non-Christians is, “Why are there so many Bible translations?” Are they necessary? Isn’t it overkill to have so many? The answer is, they are necessary. Without them, only a select few would be able to read the Bible. The Bible was originally written in three different languages: Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. The Old Testament was written in mostly Hebrew, with a few passages written in Aramaic. The New Testament was written in Greek. This can be hard to grasp since the Bibles we hold…
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